Up Doug and Joyce Photos Slideshow

Bead Lady
Migjid Janraisig
A Gentleman
Herder and the Lamb
Cowboy and Ger
Homme, Horse, Home
Father and Son
Horns of a Dilemma
Red Rocks
Red Cliffs Sunset
Dinner at the Red Cliffs
Happy Horseman
Makin' Dust
Dune Walking
Driver's Message
Joanne's Correction
Sunset over the Dunes 2
Sunset over the Dunes
Herder and Camel
Joyce and the Camel
Doug and the Camel
Gobie Caravan
What Do You Want
Gobi Hostess
Inside a Ger
Gobi Thunderstorm
Young Dancer
Race to the Finish
Chinggis at Government House Ulaanbaatar
Three Camels Lodge High School Entertainers

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